One out already !

Published on 08.11.2011 - The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

After only tow days on the ice, one of the team members (Amundsen Team) has decided to abandon the voyage.

7 November : It's their fifth day on the ice and yet, one of the expedition member is out. It's Lennie Brown being part of the Amundsen Team. We do not have many details about the cause of his abandon but it seemed that the general conditions were too difficult for him. He was rescued by the ALE CD3 on 5 November the day 3 of the expedition.

Besides, the two team are making slow progress on the ice. According to Lou Rudd reporting from the Amundsen Team, hopes of covering a lot of ground were hampered by difficult sledging conditions, akin to “pulling a sumo wrestler through custard”, as he wrotes. Nonetheless, the duo pushed on for 8 hours and managed to clock a respectable 5.7 nautical miles despite extreme cold and tough sledging.

On the other side of the Ross Iceshelf, the Scott team had the chance and the privilege to be accepted to a visit of the Scott Hut before they departed. Great moment of course. Distance covered today : 8.55 Nm. The guys end the day with some weary feet and high appetites.

Distance from the SP : AmTeam, 651 Nm / ScTeam, 717 Nm.

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