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Published on 28.05.2007 - Global Warming 101 Expedition

An enthralling end of expedition for Will Steger's Global Warming 101. Iglulik, the last stage, celebrated the travellers with astonishing fervour and enthusiasm.

When on Friday May 11th the members of Global Warming 101 arrived at Iglulik on the west coast of Baffin Island (the final point of their adventure), they had the impression that all of the 1,600 inhabitants of the city had all come out to welcome them.

However, the first welcome that the expedition had received by the crowd when they had entered the village paled into insignificance in comparison with the festivities organised by the village the following days.

In a genuinely authentic party atmosphere, there were, in addition to outdoor activities such as a public sale of local arts and crafts, a traditional dance (a square dance), a hip hop dance and giant barbecues, a host of other activities which were organised by the local people either in the community hall or in one of the schools. Events comprised of a concert given by the local celebrity, the singer Jewel, in front of over a thousand spectators, an exhibition of old photographs showing the traditional activities of the village, and a circus session given by Artcirq - Arctic Circus Group Performance, a group created in 1988 in an attempt to put an end to a wave of suicides.

In short, the last two days of the adventure at Iglulik were spent partying. And a big party it was: there were many meetings and open discussions held with local inhabitants having the sole purpose of talking about the environment and the fight against global warming. Global warming was also discussed in the schools; it was chattered about in the town hall and spoken of in the arts centre; and meetings were organised within local families.

First, the children.

That which was most touching was of course the children's drawings of various schools (one had already spoken about it when the expedition transited via Qiriqkarjuaq). Already at their tender age, the children demonstrated a coloured line of deep innocence expressing the importance they granted to the environment.

Then, after the weekend, on Wednesday May 16th, the great Global Warming 101 adventure came to an end. Everyone went home quietly, with not only their heads full of sublime Arctic images and landscapes, but also with their hearts warmed by the commitment of this Inuit community, fighting a fight they do not consider to be lost in advance.

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