Resupply Is Party Time

Published on 14.12.2009 - Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition

The girls of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition are very excited at the idea of reaching the Thiel Mountains and of taking possession of the luggage that had arrived with their resupply.

In the world of polar adventure, such emotion is no longer the norm. It must be said that when it comes to communicating ones feelings and describing ones mood, the adventurers are undoubtedly more inhibited than the adventuresses. A breath of fresh air therefore in this voyage, a trademark that we had noticed right from the beginning of the adventure. Here we are on the day before they reached the location of the expedition's resupplies, which, as for the other expeditions, had been deposited at a specific place very close to the Thiel Mountains.

And they're all sharing this feeling of impatience and this almost feverish excitement brought about by a host of factors described by the various update writers. At the top of the list, it was the clean underwear that was part of the supply that seemed to interest the girls the most. Next came the food surplus (which means that the group was not entirely eating its fill). Third subject of joy, the girls were eagerly expecting the bits and bobs that they had slipped into their luggage at Patriot Hills and the little surprises that their friends or the members of their family had entrusted to them before they set off, making them promise to open them only when they were halfway there.

Other elements were also in evidence, sending the morale of these female troops sky-high. The additional fuel that had arrived is always sign of greater comfort, and the rubbish bags that they would be able to get rid of thanks to the Twin that comes to collect their waste, are also real blessings. The idea of taking a whole day off on the morrow of the resupply and of being able to put some order back into the sledge and the luggage was obviously not a piece of bad news either. And finally, over and above all that, there is the fact that, for the moment, at this time of the trek and therefore mid-way, the girls are in fact two whole days ahead of schedule. Which means that they've been "working" really well. Not to mention one of the key issues of this adventure: the weather so far has been more than clement. So the girls are happy? Very happy, it would seem...

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