Saunders: “Trying again in 2011…”

Published on 31.03.2010 - North 2

After some serious thought, Ben Saunders has decided to abandon his speed record plans for this year and is reckoning on trying again in 2011.

To explain his decision to avoid useless risks by attempting the adventure this year nevertheless, Ben has put forward the following considerations.

He explained first of all that in all his adventures, and especially in the ones where he goes solo, his primary concern is his own safety. His parents, his girl friend, his nearest and dearest and his sponsors already worry too much about him when he embarks on such expeditions when the conditions are as good as they could possibly be. But, this time, that's no longer the case.

He then explained that strong winds were blowing over Resolute and over the entire area, which meant that the Twin and DC3 planes had to remain on the ground. If he had decided to set out again nevertheless, he would in any case have had to wait for a few days and, as he said in yesterday's update, then set out only at the beginning of April when the ideal departure window would have been closed. On top of all that, the temperatures were unusually warm for the time of year, at Resolute, and at the Catlin expedition camp in particular, namely -8°C at the former, and -4°C at the latter. Lastly, Ben has also mentioned the strong tides that were starting and especially the young, thin ice encountered by all of the expeditions almost as soon as they left terra firma in favour of the pack ice.

Whence his decision to return next year, "stronger and wiser", as he put it. In an attempt of the kind that he's postponing, you have at all cost to have a maximum of good fortune on your side at the outset, otherwise you're doomed to failure.

Ben finished his update with a touch of British humour, saying that if there was anybody anywhere who could make jerrycans that don't break, he would very much like to meet him...

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