Still the same pea-souper…

Published on 22.12.2008 - IceCold in Antarctica

For the past few days now, the ANI tourists have had to force down a diet of non-stop Antarctic white-out. And it's not much to their liking...

Since they came into this area of thick pea-soup visibility, the main technique used both for making progress on their trek and for going about their daily chores when camp is set up in the evening is to be responsible for one another.

During the day when they are on the move, each person shouts out in turn so that they don't get lost or stray out of earshot. They all have to try and maintain the same reference points so that they know where each one is.

And in the evening when they have set up camp and one of the team goes off to find snow to melt for water, he has to shout out as loud as he can to indicate where he is on either side of the camp. It is very important to maintain contact like this, because in the past, men have been known to become separated and lost, even though they were camping at the same spot!

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