The EWR Martin’s vehicles have made it to the SP

Published on 06.12.2011 - South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

Three vehicles like this one to do the double traverse Novolazarevskaia > McMurdo and back!

Three vehicles like this one to do the double traverse Novolazarevskaia > McMurdo and back!

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Having left the coast near Novolazarevskaia on 22 November, CEO Tony Martin and his three specially equiped vehicles have arrived at SP yesterday 5 December. It took 22 days to complete the distance.

Here are some figures of the voyage :

  • 24 November (day 3) : 76° 20.161 S / 11° 59.339 E
  • 27 November (day 6) : 84° 33.576 S / 19° 38.067 E
  • 28 November (day 7) : 87° 00.000 S / 10° 17.489 E
  • 29 November (day 8) : 88° 00.000 S / 20° 00.000 W
  • 02 December (day 11) : 88° 00.210 S / 20° 00.194 W
  • 05 November (day 14) : 20 km away from the South Pole

On 5 December, Martin writes : "... Again, everyone is well and enjoying the deafening silence of social escape and the pure mental detox that occurs in this vast sea of white. There is nothing quite like it. ..." After 20 days of being in a car and hearing the noise of its engine all the way through, it's normal that these people enjoy the 'deafening silence' of the 6th Continent when the cars stop and when their engine are turned off !

In few days, T. Martin and team should proceed with his 4x4 vehicles to McMurdo American Research Station, located on the other the side of the continent) and then come back strait (with the same cars) to Novolazarevskaia.

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