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Published on 07.07.2010 - The Great Drift

After a few weeks of radio silence, the people who will be trying to remain a while on a bit of pack ice have reappeared. They were training in Greenland's coastal waters.

Since the conditions are not yet ideal for undertaking a self-imposed drift on a bit of pack ice, Hussenet's mates have spent the month of June making reconnaissance sorties in the areas around Tassilaq. The group of 4 was therefore divided in two, one half going to explore Tassilaq Bay (their base) by camping in some remote and apparently superb places, and the other going more to the north to see whether there would be a way of having themselves deposited by boat in the more northerly waters. But some ghastly weather made those explorations difficult and the results of these trips did not come up to the group's expectations. In short, they all met up again in Tassilaq to prepare for the great departure.

There was still one major problem: this year even more than last, the ice was still blocking the bay, to such an extent that the only remaining way of getting to the Port of Tassilaq was by helicopter. Already when he had arrived at Tassilaq by air, Emmanuel Hussenet had noticed that the ice was disaggregated and he had told himself it would not be easy to find a suitable bit of pack ice for establishing the expedition's camp and letting themselves drift for several weeks.

And at this beginning of July, he has had confirmation of the fact. No way for the moment of finding a bit of pack ice of at least 400 square metres, the necessary minimum so that once in the middle of the open water off the Greenland coasts, they would not be overturned and swept overboard by an overly capricious swell.

Finally, the four friends are still optimistic. Despite the fact that the local people are strongly advising them against pursuing their idea, they are nevertheless waiting for favourable weather for launching their kayaks off into the adventure. And, furthermore they have not the slightest doubt about it; the following of their drift will be "THE" soap of the summer. Let's wait and see...

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