Two Successful Resupplies

Published on 06.04.2010 - Catlin Arctic Survey - 2

The two Catlin Arctic Survey teams, the one that is heading north on the pack ice and the one that is based in tents, were successfully resupplied on 02 April.

It was the Twin Otter that resupplied the three expeditionaries on the pack ice, and the DC3 that went to resupply the expedition's scientific base.

The resupply of the trio on the ice was obviously far riskier because of the chaotic state of the pack ice this year. But Ann Daniels found a surface of sufficiently old, flat and thick ice to enable the twin-engine plane to set down without any problem.

And that's what it did on 02 April at 19:00 UT at Point 86° 09 ' 49 " NR/83° 08 ' 42 " W.  The victuals and other equipment (including dry clothing) were unloaded while the Mission Leader (Chip Cunliffe, who had made the trip aboard the Twin) harvested the fruit of the scientific statements made by the trio throughout the length of its route and since its departure.

On this subject, one of the three expeditionaries drew attention (on 03 March) to the fact that a portable fridge had had to be transported over the entire distance. Not so that the sea water samples could remain frozen but so that they didn't freeze! Once frozen, water indeed loses its CO2 content! And it is precisely a study of the impact of CO2 in the water of the Arctic Ocean that they want to submit to the researchers.

As for the fixed team, several of its members were replaced at the time of the resupply. Not because they were not entirely satisfactory in terms of their work but because Pen Hadow's project had envisaged it - to have a turnover of scientists during the time of the expedition. The half-Husky half-Alsatian dog Brownie, for its part, remained on the spot; it had to prevent the possible presence of polar bears in the vicinity.

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