What’s for dinner tonight ?

Published on 30.04.2009 - Hubert at the Humboldt

Do not forget to follow the itinerary of our two friends on the Greenland plateau on our map. We follow their position daily. Today's report is about food by Larry Hunt..

Their position yesterday : 78° 12' 05" N / 67° 27' 20" W (see our map).

It is official, today was monotonous - 25km of flat ice, walking in a straight line for 9 hours surrounded by a never changing white ocean, very cold and a blue sky.

So, lets talk about something else: food, which is just as monotonous given that we eat the same thing everyday. I will start by saying that we clearly did not come out here for the food. Everything was prepared by Alain at home, according to his own recipes. These have been developped based on his experience and previous expeditions, some of which have lasted much longer than this one.

The total calorie intake is 4000/day (40% lipides (fat), 12% protide (to reconstitute the muscle mass) and 48% glucide (sugar). for reference, a normal diet is 30/10/60.

  • Breakfast: Muesli, sugar, coffee : 900cal
  • Day : cookie made with nuts, crushed cereal, crushed seed, raw sugar,
    dried fruit, oil and muesli (1 500cal) + cheese 60g (300cal) and chocolate (belgian of course) 100g (500cal)
  • Dinner : instant soup which is the highlight of the day as we get to choose between 7 different kinds, mashed potatoes, pemmican, a mix of dried meet, flour, crushed cereal, dried vegetables

This recipe is from the US native indians and is high in fat. It is all mixed with melted snow. In the evening, we must eat within 3 hours of the end of our effort to reconstitute the energy reserve as the body is in demand. It is also important to drink a lot during the effort, 1 gr of sugar has to be mixed with 4 gr of water to maximize energy production.

It is interesting to notice that, as we progress, we loose our appetite and are unable to finish our prepared rations. Perhaps this would be an interesting formula to take into account for a new diet...

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