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From 05.11.2008 to 05.01.2009 - Status: ongoing

Hercules Inlet - South Pole Trek

Hercules Inlet - South Pole Trek

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There are two of them, both beginners in this area, attempting the classic trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole (approximately 1100 km). One of them is a banker in London, is 30 years old and is called Adam Wilton. The other works in real estate in Scotland, is 33 and is called Gavin Booth. Assuming all goes well, they intend on covering the distance without being re-supplied.

Over the years, the trip from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole has become the classic of all classics. How many total beginners have tackled this trek, and how many have succeeded! Each year, number of expeditions set out along this route, and each year various feats of physical and technological prowess are attempted: some try for speed, others for different methods of traction and propulsion, and still others make the attempt totally unaided and without being re-supplied. Although it has become a trek that might be called ‘moderate' in terms of difficulty, there are plenty of real adventures to be experienced along the way. Problems might arise from a shortage of rations, an injury or an illness – or it might just be that there is bad feeling among the members of the group and that everyone has fallen out with each other!

This season, there are three teams attempting the route (see our other expeditions). The Anglo-Scottish duo of Wilton and Booth is one of them. They may be beginners when it comes to tackling the polar regions, but these two very tough characters both have some astonishing adventuring credits under their belt: the Sand Marathon, a crossing of Greenland and countless ascents of peaks in the Alps.

This is no doubt why they are attempting to do the trip unassisted. On a humanitarian note, the expedition is raising funds for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, an organisation that looks after historical sites in Antarctica, such as Captain Scott's hut..

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