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After an abandon last year, Ortrnadolfo goes back to North Pole

After an abandon last year, Ortrnadolfo goes back to North Pole

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After his abandon last year on 13 April (2010), Italian adventurer Michele Portrandolfo is trying the same itinerary to North Pole this spring. Still solo and unassisted.

Here he goes again : Michele Portrandolfo wants to reach the pole very badly.

Last year, after 44 days passed on the ice and having not yet reached the degree 85, Portrnadolfo took the decision to call for a rescue. Here what we wrote on 20 April last srping : " So it was, on 13th April, Michele finally had the guts to face up to the facts and figures of his adventure. The calculations were there in black and white: to reach the pole in time, he would have average 30 to 33 kilometres a day, whereas in fact he was only doing 5 or 6! Which, of course, was impossible. Hence the wise decision to give up his trek and call in Ken Borek's logistics people to come and collect him..."

Nothing much really hass changed since his last attempt, beside the fact that the Italian is more determined than ever. Plus, he has more training. The fact that he has been travelled to Resolute Bay as early as the 8 February this winter means that he wants to take no chances.

Portrandolfo : "I am once again in Canada in preparations for another attempt to reach the North Pole solo. This year, I will start my crossing from the Arctic ocean at Cape Discovery, approximately 40 km from the small island of Ward Hunt where I started last year. The two sleds I am pulling currently weigh 140 kg but with a bit of tweaking I may even be able to shave this down to 135 kg, but it will not be easy or without sacrifice. I will still be pulling twice my body weight although I feel that all of my daily training since June of last year will allow me to do this.”

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