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From 03.03.2009 to 20.06.2009 - Status: success

Americans John Huston & Tyler Fish

Americans John Huston & Tyler Fish

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John Huston (32, Chicago) and Tyler Fisher (34, Minnesota) will try the trek Ward Hunt North Pole. They want to be the first Americans to walk unsupported to the North Pole. They passionately pursue challenge in order to engage life to their full potential.

Here are some of their main goals (from their website)

The expedition will depart from the northern tip of Canada, 487 direct-miles from the Geographic North Pole. The team will ski on the fractured, jumbled and drifting ice floes of the Arctic Ocean while pulling 2 300 pound sleds containing everything required for a journey that will take up to 70 days. Temperatures will reach -60°F, wind chill can dip to -80°F and humidity will often be 100%. Success can only be achieved in this environment with immense mental and physical exertion, exceedingly thorough preparation, humility, unfaltering optimism and complete devotion to the team and the goal.

Why provide this model ?

  • To encourage people to engage life to their fullest potential
  • To exemplify a model for solution-focused thinking
  • To inspire a culture of optimism and humility

Strategies for Achieving the Goal

  • Daily expedition updates, sent via satellite, provide a direct connection with the expedition and the Arctic Ocean.
  • School and public presentations and outreach.
  • Media coverage, expedition book and documentary film.

Climate change education

Due to society's energy choices, the Arctic Ocean ice sheet is melting at an alarming rates. The melting of the Arctic not only foreshadows and affects climate change in the rest of the world, but it could push the earth's climate over an unpredictable tipping point. This education program will focus on optimistic perspectives and responsible individual and community lifestyle choices in the face of this massive societal challenge. Change is a constant in today's world and in life; responding to change optimistically and making changes positively is an essential step to success individually, environmentally and globally.

Why Educate ?

  • Education is a sustainable method of bringing about positive change
  • Education inspires individuals to take action
  • Education inspires others to educate.

Strategies for Achieving the Goal

  • Educational partnerships and shared cirricula
  • Daily expedition updates, sent via satellite, provide a direct connection with the expedition and the Arctic Ocean
  • School and public presentations and outreach

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