Victorinox North Pole 09 Expedition

John Huston (32, Chicago) and Tyler Fisher (34, Minnesota) will try the trek Ward Hunt North Pole. They want to be the first Americans to walk unsupported to the North Pole. They passionately pursue challenge in order to engage life to their full potential.


Below are all the news we published about the Victorinox North Pole 09 Expedition expedition

  • The Fram and the Fat Boy Burger

    Published on 19.05.2009

    Let's come back for a moment to John Huston and Tyler Fish's expedition and tell you about the two memorable moments experienced by the young Americans during their visit to Norway just after completing their successful trek to the Pole.

  • The sweet taste of victory

    Published on 11.05.2009

    After achieving a significant first (John Huston and Tyler Fish were the first Americans to succeed in completing an unassisted trek to the North Pole), the two men can now spend a little time reliving their feat and enjoying their conquest at their ease.

  • A thrilling end to their expedition…

    Published on 27.04.2009

    The two young Americans, John Huston and Tyler Fish, did everything they could to reach the Pole in time. In fact the final days of their adventure were really thrilling to follow.

  • The end of the adventure in sight…

    Published on 21.04.2009

    It looks like being a fine end to their expedition for the two young Americans. They do not appear to be concerned at all that they have had to start rationing their fuel and food rations. In fact they feel it adds spice to their adventure.

  • Everything continues to jog along nicely…

    Published on 06.04.2009

    In their desire to be positive in everything they do and by always seeing any obstacles as minor difficulties, the two men continue to make their way towards the North Pole without incident. And without asking too many questions.

  • “We’re enjoying each other’s company more and more…”

    Published on 30.03.2009

    In a word, things are going really well for the Huston-Fish team. They are also making faster, more consistent progress. And happy to be there...

  • Snow and routine.

    Published on 23.03.2009

    John Huston talks about the different types of ice and then tells us something of the day-to-day routine out on the sea ice.

  • Optimism, Humility and Responsible Action

    Published on 18.03.2009

    Coverage of this expedition is particularly interesting. For once, it gets off the beaten track (i.e. the usual rather dry and technical description of the way things are progressing) and carries the visitor along on the fringes of a genuine feat of endurance. Riveting stuff...

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