Richard Weber North Pole Expedition

The well-known Canadian explorer, Richard Weber, is setting out for the 7th time on an expedition to the North Pole. This time around, he will be accompanied by his son and two other adventurers.


Below are all the news we published about the Richard Weber North Pole Expedition expedition

  • Another zoom on Weber’s victory

    Published on 20.04.2010

    After few days rest, Weber and his team sends us some final thoughts about the feat they have just achieved. Howard found a brillant set phrase to describe the best moments of the expedition.

  • Victory for Weber !

    Published on 14.04.2010

    Richard Weber, Tessum Weber, David Pierce Jones and Howard Fairbanks arrived safely at the North Pole today, Wednesday 14 April.

  • Weber: North Pole ahoy!

    Published on 13.04.2010

    The expedition's forced march schedule started up a few days ago (see our update for 1st April) is paying dividends and Richard Weber's men were only 90 kilometres from their goal on Sunday.

  • The final push is in sight

    Published on 07.04.2010

    Although they are now reporting back on how tough it has been and the minor ailments they are suffering from (they have been out on the pack-ice for 35 days now), the team is doing everything it can to make it to the final push as soon as possible.

  • The Pole Already In Their Sights…

    Published on 01.04.2010

    Richard Weber's team is undoubtedly the one that is making the fastest headway towards the Pole. For them, after all those overly difficult days, everything is now for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

  • The countdown has begun.

    Published on 30.03.2010

    The operation to provide fresh supplies for Richard Weber's team has not gone too well. One crate crashed down on to the pack-ice because its parachute didn't open. But that's not all...

  • Howard Fairbank’s nightly struggle

    Published on 23.03.2010

    We are awaiting news from the four teams (including Richard Weber's), which are scheduled to be resupplied by Summit Air Aviation on 21st March. So while we are waiting, let's dwell a little with the thoughts of Howard Fairbank in the privacy of his sleeping bag.

  • Make or Brake

    Published on 21.03.2010

    This is an expression used in the jargon of polar adventurers to denote the successful completion or otherwise of the first two weeks of a trek when they set out from Ward Hunt for the North Pole. Weber and his three companions (including his son) have now well and truly passed the make-or-break mark on their journey.

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