One Man Epic Mission North Pole

The Australian Tom Smitheringale is attempting to complete the route between McClintock Island and the North Pole, solo and without outside assistance (such as using traction kites).


Below are all the news we published about the One Man Epic Mission North Pole expedition

  • Smitheringale: It was minus 1

    Published on 20.04.2010

    The end of the Australian Tom Smitheringale's expedition has been a bit distressing. He fell into a lead without wearing his survival suit and had to swim for several minutes before getting hold of some firm ice.

  • Back to square one.

    Published on 13.04.2010

    The most frustrating thing about this type of adventure is that one day things seem to be going well, hopefully heralding even better days ahead, and the next day you can forget all about it and it's back to square one.

  • An Unforgettable Night

    Published on 07.04.2010

    Hesitation Waltzes: at two o'clock in the morning, Tom Smitheringale gave up because of the frostbite on his fingers. Three hours later, he decided to continue his forced march towards the Pole!

  • Some Quick Calculations

    Published on 02.04.2010

    After all those dreams of some great nosh and the ambience of a Fremantle bistro, Tom has made a kind of assessment of his adventure. Leaving the finances aside, he thinks that he will be able to achieve his goal.

  • Dreaming of a big blow-out

    Published on 30.03.2010

    Things seem to be going better for Tom Smitheringale. He is having fewer technical problems, has been able to repair two or three minor breakages and the frostbite on his fingers isn't hurting as much as it was. All of which means he can finally turn his mind to food, glorious food...

  • The Frostbite On His Fingers Is Getting Better

    Published on 24.03.2010

    It seems that the frostbite on Tom's fingers that was mentioned in his previous message is not as serious as we had thought. Furthermore, he has celebrated his fortieth birthday on the ice.With some nice little words and a double ration of peanut butter, toboot.

  • “I can hear the ice breathing…”

    Published on 21.03.2010

    The Australian Smitheringale is in the process of realising a dream he has entertained for many years (20 in fact). And he is having an interesting dialogue with his friend and webmaster Jim Pizzey back at HQ (with whom he is in daily contact by satellite). While Smitheringale is finding out all about the pack-ice first hand, Pizzey has to be content to experience the thrills and spills vicariously.

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