Catlin Arctic Survey - 2

Under the impetus of Pen Hadow, the new Catlin expedition (see details of the previous Catlin venture) will be focusing this time on the effects that carbon dioxide is having on the Arctic Ocean The aim is to cover around 500 km on the sea-ice.


Below are all the news we published about the Catlin Arctic Survey - 2 expedition

  • Hole at the Pole

    Published on 13.05.2010

    Ann Daniels, Martin Hartley and Charlie Paton, the explorer team of the Catlin Arctic Survey, have reached North Pole yesterday at 21pm BST. The were on the ice since 60 days.

  • “Thinner…”

    Published on 10.05.2010

    How about pushing his body to the limits ? HQ of Catlin Arctic Survey has the answers.

  • Conductivity, Temperature, Depth: know what I mean?

    Published on 08.05.2010

    Just the once won't hurt, so here's a little science to brighten up your humdrum day. Close-up on the first three vital seawater readings that Ann Daniels's group has been taking for the past three months.

  • Humphreys : Final Thoughts From the Ice Base

    Published on 08.05.2010

    The Ice Base is now no more after 40 days on the floating sea ice. Rather than try and describe what life has been for the team out there, we thought we'd leave it up to Alastair Humphreys, the Communications Manager in the second phase of the expedition, in his final blog post.

  • Arctic Scientists Send Vital Marine Species ‘Into the Future’

    Published on 21.04.2010

    From the HQ of the Catlin Arctic Survey : "Research into ocean acidification sees copepods exposed to levels of atmospheric CO2 forecast for the year 2100."

  • Better days.

    Published on 19.04.2010

    While it was waiting for a new team of researchers to arrive (the third in fact), the permanent base camp of the Catlin Arctic Survey received a visit from a Japanese adventurer training for a solo trek to the North Pole next year.

  • Ann Daniels takes a dip

    Published on 19.04.2010

    From the HQ of the Catlin Arctic Survey, here is their weekly report. For the first time, leader Ann Daniels falls into the Arctic ocean. Inevitable...

  • Blocked on a Little Island

    Published on 12.04.2010

    After the anguish that the trio experienced following the crack in the ice that appeared beneath their tent two days ago, it's now in another critical situation.

  • Moving ice, Fissures and Resupply

    Published on 09.04.2010

    Thanks to the HQ of the Catlin Arctic Survey, the people who are following the two teams send to Explorapoles a weekly report specially written for us. Here is the number 2.

  • Two Successful Resupplies

    Published on 06.04.2010

    The two Catlin Arctic Survey teams, the one that is heading north on the pack ice and the one that is based in tents, were successfully resupplied on 02 April.

  • Despite the storm, the work goes on

    Published on 31.03.2010

    The weather over Resolute Bay is bad these days, and also over the pack ice area where the Catlin Arctic Survey trio is progressing. But the work goes on and the explorers are making headway.

  • Ann Daniels: “It’s absolutely ghastly…”

    Published on 30.03.2010

    While the expedition's scientists at the fixed base are getting on with their work, the trio that's heading north is experiencing days that are no longer difficult, but "ghastly..."

  • Two adventures in one

    Published on 22.03.2010

    Pen Hadow's Catlin Arctic Survey expedition is giving us an adventure with two faces: the scientists back at base on the one hand and the adventurers out on the ice on the other. And right now, they are making the acquaintance of copepods (tiny crustaceans).

  • A week’s preparation at Resolute Bay

    Published on 18.03.2010

    The two teams from the Catlin Arctic Survey expedition put together by Pen Hadow have finally arrived at Resolute Bay after a number of days of disrupted air connections.

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