Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition

To mark the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Commonwealth and to promote intercultural exchanges all over the world -and exploits by women in particular- eight women will be attempting the trek from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole.


Below are all the news we published about the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition expedition

  • The girls have done it!

    Published on 04.01.2010

    By succeeding in reaching the South Pole, the ladies of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition aim to send a strong message to everyone who tracked and monitored their adventure.

  • The last degree

    Published on 28.12.2009

    With caution and quiet determination, the ladies of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition all of whom are complete polar travel novices, remember have now embarked on the final 100 kilometres of their trek from the Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole.

  • The Girls Are Nearing Their Goal

    Published on 23.12.2009

    Even if they are not polar adventure pros, the least that can be said is that the girls of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition are managing amazingly well.

  • Blessings from above

    Published on 20.12.2009

    The ladies of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition continue to wax lyrical and report some fine moments of their adventure for us to enjoy.

  • Resupply Is Party Time

    Published on 14.12.2009

    The girls of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition are very excited at the idea of reaching the Thiel Mountains and of taking possession of the luggage that had arrived with their resupply.

  • 90 minutes’ skiing, 7 minutes’ break…

    Published on 07.12.2009

    It took a good week for the ladies of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition to adapt to the specific routine required for every expedition. Normally, we tend to hear about the same rituals and habits out on the ice. But this time around, there is something extra going on out there...

  • Fine weather everywhere: it’s amazing

    Published on 01.12.2009

    Our polar travellers have had some incredible starts to their expeditions this season. Having been greeted by strong blizzards at Patriot Hills, they are now underway -and the weather has turned wonderful. In fact, the ladies in the Kaspersky Commonwealth expedition can't believe their eyes...

  • A ‘Picturesque’ Arrival

    Published on 19.11.2009

    The eight women of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Expedition arrived at Patriot Hills with ALE Logistics on 12 November. Since then, there's been nothing but a constant blizzard.

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