Hubert at the Humboldt

Together with a member of the NRDC (Natural Resources Defence Council), Larry Hunt, Alain Hubert has gone to the Humboldt Glacier (in Greenland, the biggest glacier of the world) in order to take a closer look at the effects of global warming where they are the most discernable.


Below are all the news we published about the Hubert at the Humboldt expedition

  • “We are losing our roads and soon will have nowhere to go…”

    Published on 07.05.2009

    With the arrival of The Spaniards from Tierras Polares, the trek of Larry Hunt and Alain Hubert comes to an end. They will be flying back to Qaanaaq together and, in a few days, they will be home.

  • Hundreds of icebergs !

    Published on 05.05.2009

    The two men have reached sea level. In front of them, many seal holes and hundreds of icebergs but unfortunately no bears.

  • Leaving the icecap

    Published on 04.05.2009

    After having crossed several ice canyons and having tobogganed down the very end onto firm ground, Larry Hunt and Alain Hubert have now come to the end of their journey on the icecap.

  • “I get a confirmation that Alain is weird ...”

    Published on 02.05.2009

    When Larry Hunt discovers that Alain Hubert is calling on his satellite phone the Sovereign Prince of Monaco Albert II (who is also visiting Greenland)

  • Broken tent

    Published on 02.05.2009

    The day was suppose to be a monotonous one but did not turn out that way.

  • What’s for dinner tonight ?

    Published on 30.04.2009

    Do not forget to follow the itinerary of our two friends on the Greenland plateau on our map. We follow their position daily. Today's report is about food by Larry Hunt..

  • Summitting the plateau

    Published on 29.04.2009

    "Finally, mid afternoon, the wind stops as quickly as it had started. It's a great relief for our ears."

  • “We will not move until Mr catabatic goes away ...”

    Published on 28.04.2009

    Larry Hunt and Alain Hubert are facing quite strong catabatic winds during their ascent to the plateau. This time, it's Larry who wrote to us. (You can follow their progression on the map published under the Follow-up section)

  • The infernal climb

    Published on 27.04.2009

    Larry Hunt and Alain Hubert reached the altitude of 800 m. The climb of the glacier was pretty difficult.

  • Hubert : the winter snow is nearly gone…

    Published on 26.04.2009

    Alain Hubert has sent some news from Greenland. They still have to find the best spot from which they will to be able to watch the Humboldt, the largest glacier on Earth.

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