Peary Centennial North Pole Expedition

On March 1, 2009 a trio of polar explorers led by Lonnie Dupre will begin an epic 600 mile ski journey from Ward Hunt Island, Canada to the North Pole in the footsteps of Robert E. Peary.


Below are all the news we published about the Peary Centennial North Pole Expedition expedition

  • They’ve reached the Pole

    Published on 27.04.2009

    The three members of the 'Peary-Henson Centennial Expedition 2009' arrived safe and sound at the North Pole on 25th April.

  • Better temperatures, but strong winds.

    Published on 21.04.2009

    Just like the two Americans Huston and Fish, the trio being led by Lonnie Dupré is picking up pace. They have to because there is negative drift on the sea-ice and Barneo base (from where the MI 8 helicopter will come and collect them) closes on 27th April.

  • 1009 - 2009 : what has changed ?

    Published on 14.04.2009

    To mark the centenary of Robert Peary's arrival at the North Pole, Lonnie Dupré has taken time out to reflect on what he feels has changed in the way polar expeditions have been conducted over the past hundred years.

  • Fine weather, good ice, great morale…

    Published on 06.04.2009

    Everything has been going marvellously well for the past week for the trio led by Lonnie Dupré. Everyone is fit, they have passed through 86 degrees North, they are able to ski for longer each day and are making rapid progress.

  • First set of fresh supplies

    Published on 29.03.2009

    Although the terrain continues to be terrible, the three men have received fresh supplies for the first time. Plus the ice drift carried them almost two kilometres on the north in a single night. Lucky...

  • The agony and the ecstasy

    Published on 24.03.2009

    As is usual with this type of adventure, Dupré and his two companions are beginning to achieve more and more with each passing day. And the trio's morale is sky-high, despite the rotten ice conditions they are having to contend with.

  • Slowly but surely

    Published on 18.03.2009

    Lonnie Dupré's expedition is advancing slowly because the pack-ice is so jumbled and messy. But the trio's morale is good and they are making better progress with each passing day.

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