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From 05.03.2009 to 20.06.2009 - Status: success

One hundred years ago...

One hundred years ago...

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On March 1, 2009 a trio of polar explorers led by Lonnie Dupre will begin an epic 600 mile ski journey from Ward Hunt Island, Canada to the North Pole in the footsteps of Robert E. Peary.

The purpose of the Peary Centennial North Pole Expedition is twofold:

1. First they will encourage and engage governmental policy for the foundation of an International Arctic Treaty, an agreement for the preservation and protection of the marine life in the Arctic Ocean and culture of the 4 million indigenous peoples within the Arctic Circle.

Scientists predict an ice-free Arctic in summer as early as 2013, and global warming has caused recent as well as long-term catastrophic change to our climate. Yet governments and companies have remained blindly focused on new Arctic shipping lanes to extract from the ocean's floor the very thing that is causing the rise in global temperatures - fossil fuels. The thawing Arctic ice sheet is opening the door for the exploitation of billions of tons of gas and oil, valuable minerals and new untapped fishing stocks.

The governments of Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Sweden and the United States are all rushing north to stake a claim. It was very sad to see that not one of the countries, despite global warming's most current attacks on our planet and commercial fishing's pillaging of our oceans, has spoken of preservation.

"Time is very short. These Arctic states need, while the sea ice is still capable of protecting this great and delicate eco-system, to come together in a treaty as stewards for all mankind in the protection of the indigenous peoples marine animals living within the Arctic Circle", Lonnie Dupre stated. "An 'International Arctic Treaty' recognizing that it is in the interest of all mankind that the Arctic Ocean shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord.."

The provisions of the proposed Arctic Treaty shall apply to the whole of the Arctic Ocean including the 200 nautical miles 'Exclusive Economic Zone' and continental shelves of each country. This does not include the first 24 nautical miles out (north) from the coastline of each country in accordance to 'Territorial' and 'Contiguous Zones' as spelled out in the United Nations Law of the Sea. The proposed Treaty would include measures regarding:

  • use of the Arctic Ocean for peaceful purposes only;
  • facilitation of scientific research in the Arctic Ocean;
  • facilitation of international scientific cooperation in the Arctic Ocean;
  • ban on all oil, gas, and mineral exploration and commercial fishing; and
  • preservation and conservation of living resources in the Arctic Ocean

2. Secondly, the expedition will develop the 'Cool - Not Cool' campaign. They will illustrate via images the link between global warming, excesses in the lifestyles of developed countries and poor energy policies. The 'Cool - Not Cool' campaign will be integrated into the expedition websites, e-newsletters and pre- and post-expedition multimedia presentations.

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