Global Warming 101 Expedition

Educators and explorers Will Steger, John Stetson, Elizabeth Andre and Abby Fenton will join four Inuit hunters on a 1200-mile,four-month-long dogsled expedition across the Canadian Arctic's Baffin Island.


Below are all the news we published about the Global Warming 101 Expedition expedition

  • Pass their message on to you: “Respect our Earth!”

    Published on 28.05.2007

    An enthralling end of expedition for Will Steger's Global Warming 101. Iglulik, the last stage, celebrated the travellers with astonishing fervour and enthusiasm.

  • A lesson for everyone

    Published on 07.05.2007

    After two weeks at Clyde River, the Global Warming 101 exhibition left the area with an important message from the Inuits living in the village. They are now heading for the west coast of Baffin Island.

  • They have come to Clyde River

    Published on 23.04.2007

    Saturday April 14th, the Global Warming 101 expedition lead by Will Steger came to the small port of Clyde River, along the East coast of the Baffin island. Once again, a warm welcome awaited them.

  • A trip to polar bear country

    Published on 10.04.2007

    The Global Warming 101 expedition left Qikiqtarjuaq on Sunday April 1st around noon. They are now on their way to the next stage, Clyde River (see map we have published on March 31st).

  • A warm welcome

    Published on 31.03.2007

    The expedition has taken a week to cover the distance between the towns of Pangnirtung and Qikiqtarjuaq. There like elsewhere, meetings were envisaged with the inhabitants to talk about Global Warming.

  • One week in the city of Pangnirtung

    Published on 23.03.2007

    The city of Pangnirtung (meaning 'the place of the male caribou' in Inuktitut, one of the four Inuit languages) is an old whaling resort. Today it is the second biggest city of the Nunavut independent territory in Canada. It is situated on the Baffin island, facing the Baffin sea and Greenland, above the Arctic polar circle and 300 km away from the territorial capital of Iqaluit. With 1350 inhabitants, it is mostly a fishing city.

  • Already three weeks on Baffin Island

    Published on 15.03.2007

    It has now been nearly three weeks that Will Steger's team has been off discovering the depths of the Baffin island. Three men and two women, along with three Inuit guides, have decided to pursue this adventure:

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