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Paul's journey to Iqaluit in 1995 took him from his native Province ofQuebec, to living in the Gatineau Hills, to the Coast and Interior ofBritish Columbia.

As a lawyer representing Inuit organizations andtaking on environmental and human rights causes, Paul brings veryrounded experience to his passion for guiding in remote areas.

Paul hasbeen running his own Canadian Inuit dogs since 1996 and was a member ofa successful, two-man, 12-dog expedition to the North Pole in 2000.Paul has guided on Ellesmere and Baffin Island and has traveledextensively in the Canadian Eastern Arctic. He always shares hisenthusiasm for the Arctic with every person he travels with. Paulbrings to his guiding his athleticism, which he developed over manyyears of bicycle racing, cross-country ski racing, marathon speed-skateracing, mountaineering and ski touring.

List of major accomplishments:

  • North Pole Member of the successful two-person, 12- dog, North Pole expedition: Huskies to the Pole, In the Footsteps of Peary, in 2000.Mt. Barbeau 2002
    Co-guided a ski mountaineering expedition to climb Mt. Barbeau. At 8,900 feet, it is the highest mountain east of the Rockies.
  • Auyuittuq Traverse
    Co-guided a winter dog team traverse of Auyuittuq National Park.
  • High Arctic
    Paul has traveled extensively by dog-team, including solo trips. Hespent a month traversing the Eastern coast of Ellesmere Island in 1996.
  • Mountain and Rock
    Paul has mountaineered in Europe, South America and on the West Coastof Canada. He has enjoyed numerous ski-mountaineering trips andpowdered telemark descents.
  • Bikes, Skis and Skates
    Paul raced internationally in cycling and was a national Canadianchampion and multiple championship medal winner. Paul has also skiedand skated his way to numerous podiums
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