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German explorer Arved Fuchs was born in 1953. In 1989, Arved and the famous mountain climber Reinhold Messner were the first to reach the South pole without using only skis and kites. He is the first and - to date - only person to have reached both poles on foot within a single year.

With his research ship Dagmar Aaen, he succeeded in being the first and, again, the only person to date to sail completely around the North Pole on the notorious north-west and north-east passages.

He also made a successful and authentic reconstruction of one of the most memorable events in the history of seafaring, Shackelton's odyssey through the south polar Atlantic.


  • 1977: Canoe expedition to Labrador
  • 1978: Borneo expedition
  • 1979: West coast of Greenland
  • 1980: Expedition to the Canadian Arctic
  • 1981: Crossing the Atlantic with the "GOLDEN GOOSE"
  • 1983: Crossing Greenland by dog sledge
  • 1984: Cape Horn rounded for the first time using a collapsible kayak
  • 1985: Collapsible kayak expedition to the magnetic North Pole
  • 1986: Mountain expedition to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego
  • 1987: Second Borneo expedition
  • 1988: Tierra del Fuego expedition using a collapsible kayak
  • 1989: ICEWALK expedition : The first German to reach the North Pole on foot
  • 1989: South Pole expedition : Crossing the Antarctic with Reinhold Messner by ski. The first person to reach both the North and the South Pole on foot and in one year
  • 1991: ICESAIL expedition : part 1 : Spitsbergen, France-Joseph Land
  • 1992: ICESAIL expedition : part 2 : Northeast Passage
  • 1993: ICESAIL expedition : part 3 : Northwest Passage
  • 1994: ICESAIL expedition : part 4 : Alaska , Aleutian , Canada
  • 1995-1996: SEA, ICE & MOUNTAINS expedition : part 5 : South Pacific , Patagonia, Cape Horn
  • 1997: Arctic Passages expedition- part 1 : ICEFLY – following the trail of Swedish explorer Andrée
  • 1998: Arctic Passages expedition – part 2 : Greenland Challenge- following the trail of the first and second German North Pole expedition
  • 2000: SHACKLETON 2000 In Shackleton's wake. Following Shackleton across the most hazardous ocean of the world
  • 2002: Northeast Passage - Northeast Passage
  • 2003: From FIRE to ICE - Northwest Passage
  • 2004: Icebound - Arved Fuchs continues his Northwest-Passage expedition, which was interrupted last year due to ice conditions
  • 2006: Ultima Thule - 1.000 kilometres by foot to the North Pole starting from Ellesmere Island
  • 2006: East Greenland Expedition - a journey on the remote coast of Greenland, following the "Danmark-Expedition" from 1906

Arved Fuchs has written eleven books about his expeditions. He has become internationally famous via numerous television documentaries and photographic reports.

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