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Together with Olivier Giasson, Sébastien Lapierre has tried a Greenland crossing in spring 2010. Both had to abandon due to the fact that arrived on the spot, they had received bad information and they have been dropped quite far (3 days skiiing) from the glacier they had choosen to climb to get on the plateau.

Born in Saguenay, Sébastien soon became familiar with nature and wide open spaces as a boy. He was a great enthusiast for exploring natural surroundings from an early age, spending long days roaming the forests around where he lived.

As the years passed, his passion for the outdoors continued to grow and when he joined the ranks of the Army Cadets, he was able to develop his forest survival skills and find his way anywhere using maps and compasses. This strengthened his obvious enjoyment for nature, camping and exploring.

Sébastien then joined the Army, attending the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. Making the most of his training as an infantry officer, he was able to perfect his knowledge of topography and orientation, while at the same time becoming supremely physically fit. This led him towards a career as a professional firefighter, first in Saguenay, then in Québec, where he has been working since 2006.

Over the years, Sébastien has become an expert in winter camping, developing a passion for everything to do with the open air. Keen on underwater diving, climbing, hiking, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, Sébastien is an extremely versatile sportsman. After spending several weeks in the Rockies, he put his knowledge to the test all over Québec, whether in the Monts-Valins, the Chics-Chocs, the Laurentides or in any other wide open space where the weather conditions were at their harshest.  He is now looking for new challenges and Greenland is where he is looking to start off his “career” as an explorer. His penchant for risks, passion for the great outdoors and love of the winter are just some of the reasons prompting Sébastien to want to conquer the South Pole one day. Greenland is the first step towards achieving that dream.

Olivier : “I am dedicating this expedition Yves Laforest (the first Québécois to climb Everest), who unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to know well. He has been an inspiration for me and continues to be so, as he is for many other Québécois, an example of courage, devotion and surpassing oneself… Thank you!”

Date of birth: 21st October 1978, place of residence: Québec, occupation: fireman.


Editor's Note : together with Olivier Giasson or Rodolphe Journoud for instance, Sébastien Lapierre is one of these young men who desesperately want to become serious polard adventurers and who are quite interested by the protection of our environment. That's one of the reasons why, although they have not traveled a lot yet, we add these young people to our 'Polar Explorers' list.

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