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The Australian Eric Philips has lead expeditions to the four biggest ice caps in the world and has been, with his fellow citizen and companion John Muir, the first Australian to reach both the North and South Pole on skis.

Adventurer, explorer, polar guide, lecturer, movie director and actor, Eric Philips is a big name in polar adventure.

Born in April 1962, he studied at the University of South Australia from which he received a Bachelor's degree in Education and Outdoor Education. During his young years, he was the director of Outdoor Education on the Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School.

In his early thirties, he rushes headlong into his first big challenges. In 1995, he succeeds in crossing Greenland for the first time, using skis, power kites and a kayak, from Ammassalik to Kangerlussuaq. A film came out of this adventure: "Chasing the Midnight Sun" which was awarded the Emmy Award. A few years later, he used his experience to cross the Patagonian ice cap; he also crossed the Spitzberg cap (2008), the Icelandic glaciers ‘=(2003) as well as the Ellesmere Island glaciers (1992).

In 1996-97, Eric Philips worked as a field education officer at the Mawson Australian station (Antarctica) for the Australian Antarctic Division.

Here are a couple of other sportsmanship accomplishments:

  • 2012: Polar guide for Pole to Pole Run. Union Glacier to South Pole.
  • 2011: Guided team of 11 Chinese to the South Pole.2011 Polar guide for Pole to Pole Run. North Pole to Canada.
  • 2010: Guided team of 11 Chinese to the South Pole.2010 Icetrek Expeditions appointed guiding company for Trip TM in Beijing, China.
  • 2010: Guided two expeditions within the last degree to the North Pole2009 Guide for GGS Antarctica. First school expedition to Antarctica
  • 2009: Polar guide for Greenpeace's Arctic Climate Impacts expedition to Greenland.
  • 2009: Guided two expeditions within the last degree to the North Pole
  • 2008:-09 Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province (AGAP) Project. Field Leader.
  • 2008: Guided two expeditions within the last degree to the North Pole
  • 2008: Ski expedition across Spitsbergen
  • 2007-08: Guided 925km ski expedition to the South Pole
  • 2007: Guided last degree expedition to the North Pole2006-07 Sarsen voyage to Antarctica. Guide
  • 2006: Guided two expeditions within the last degree to the North Pole
  • 2005: Guided last degree expedition to the North Pole
  • 2004: Awarded Medal of the Order of Australia for achievements in polar exploration
  • 2004: Guided last degree expedition to the North Pole
  • 2004-08: guidance and consultancy at the North Pole
  • 2008: skiing expedition to Spitzbergen (see above)
  • 2007-08: a guided skiing expedition of 925 km to the South Pole
  • 2006-07: Sarsen trip in Antarctica
  • 2004: he is awarded the OAM metal of the Australian Order for the feats he has accomplished in the Polar Regions
  • 2002: expedition to the North Pole without being resupplied, from Cape Artichewski, in Siberia
  • 2000: transpatagonian expedition, without resupply
  • 1998-99: Philips inaugurates a new route from Ross Island to the South Pole, passing through Shackleton Glacier
  • 1994: rock climbing in New Zealand
  • 1993: a trip through Patagonia and the Tierra del fuego by bike
  • 1992: crossing of Ellesmere Island
  • 1991: rock climbing in New Zealand
  • 1986: bike trip from Holland to Egypt

Eric Philips is also known to have developed new techniques and methods relative to extreme travelling in the Polar Regions. He has tested a lot of equipment for some of the biggest outdoor companies. He has also written many books and directed film documentaries about his explorations and trips. There has no equivalent, if we are to believe what is said to captivate the public before a conference on one of his polar experiences.

Finally, he has been hired on many occasions by the Australian police and the country's Defence department. He is looked upon as a skilled mediator for resolving inter-relational conflicts, such as those which often occur within human groups of which ever nature they are.

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