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  • Conditions improve for Stancer

    Published on 21.04.2007 - Mars North Pole Solo

    Over the past few days, conditions have improved somewhat for the Briton in terms of making progress. All of a sudden she is moving more quickly.

  • They have come upon the true Arctic !

    Published on 20.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    On the one hand, they have suffered as never before from what Hubert calls the sheer hellish world of the north. On the other hand, they are liking it...

  • A ghost degree

    Published on 19.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    One degree left before the two men come up to the first stage of their big adventure. Three or four days from now, they should indeed reach the north pole.

  • Only Half a Day

    Published on 17.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Contrarily to the expectations following a slight inching up of the barometer last evening, it dove to 972 hPa and the storm stuck around, giving the team a very windy night. The easterly winds, about 40Km/h on average, the heavy snow fall and the visibility being close to zero, Alain and Dixie had to stay put in the morning, waiting for the weather to clear up.

  • Sleeping Backwards

    Published on 16.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    As the wind had turned, blowing from the North at 50km/h, they were pushed back by 12km during the night.

  • Stormy Weather

    Published on 15.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Remember we had left Alain and Dixie after a white day and a stormy evening? Well, at 3am, they were awakened by worrisome sounds: a series of loud cracks, ice moving somewhere close!

  • One Day at a Time

    Published on 14.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Even though we are experiencing a warm and quite stable beginning of spring under our latitudes, this is not the same story up North. Alain and Dixie have shifted from a beautiful Friday to a white Saturday.

  • A trouble-free day

    Published on 11.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    It was a trouble-free day, but a very difficult one too for the two men of Arctic Arc.

  • Visiting the Vagabond after the Arctic Arc resupply

    Published on 11.04.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Last night it was -36°C out on the ice and Alain and Dixie had called to say that they had just had the worst day of the expedition with strong northerly winds, and had hunkered down early to sit out the storm. Despite the southward drift, they had still managed a decent distance. Viktor will fly up to Barneo again today, and it is good to know he is there close by in case there is any problem.

  • Fund Raising Campaign for Princess Elisabeth Station

    Published on 11.04.2007 - General Info

    Wondering how you can act against Climate Change? This is it! Last week, a massive awareness campaign was launched throughout Belgium in order to raise public interest in the construction of the Princess Elisabeth research station.

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