This section is featuring the latest news regarding adventure in the polar regions and from the expeditions we are following closely.

  • The Wizard of Oz

    Published on 31.03.2007 - Mars North Pole Solo

    Big troubles for Rosie who's been blocked by a storm and whose progress is too slow.

  • First resupply

    Published on 31.03.2007 - North Pole Quest

    Just like Rosie Stancer, who's a few miles behind them, the North Pole Quest trio have witnessed the elements going crazy.

  • Full steam ahead

    Published on 29.03.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    After two days of bad weather, the Hubert-Dansercoer duo has resumed forward progress. Spirits are high.

  • Forced to wait in their tent, Alain and Dixie are moving backwards

    Published on 26.03.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Bad luck for the Arctic Arc pair. Due to an awful storm which hit them yesterday, Alain and Dixie have "backed up" 21.5 km during the day.

  • A real battle

    Published on 23.03.2007 - Mars North Pole Solo

    Even with the 63 km she has already accomplished since her departure, Rosie Stancer evidently finds herself in another chaotic ice zone.

  • Good progress for North Pole Quest

    Published on 23.03.2007 - North Pole Quest

    For several days now, the North Pole Quest team has been fighting winds and crossing, the best way they can, open leads. However, the men have been advancing at a good pace.

  • One week in the city of Pangnirtung

    Published on 23.03.2007 - Global Warming 101 Expedition

    The city of Pangnirtung (meaning 'the place of the male caribou' in Inuktitut, one of the four Inuit languages) is an old whaling resort. Today it is the second biggest city of the Nunavut independent territory in Canada. It is situated on the Baffin island, facing the Baffin sea and Greenland, above the Arctic polar circle and 300 km away from the territorial capital of Iqaluit. With 1350 inhabitants, it is mostly a fishing city.

  • A wonderful day

    Published on 21.03.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Good weather has finally decided to follow the expedition. Yesterday, the first day of spring was a memorable day filled with beautiful sceneries.

  • Arctic Arc: the sun is shining

    Published on 19.03.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    For the first time since their departure, Alain and Dixie have had a full day of sunlight. That said, it was still not possible for the two men to charge their batteries.

  • Against all odds

    Published on 16.03.2007 - Mars North Pole Solo

    While Liv and Ann had to abandon their expedition due to serious frostbites, Rosie Stancer has had better chance. Despite the horrid progression conditions, she has gotten over the hurdle of the first few kilometres and is well on her way.

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