This section is featuring the latest news regarding adventure in the polar regions and from the expeditions we are following closely.

  • Routing Means Winning

    Published on 02.03.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Routing techniques do not only priviledge great transoceanic races. For several years, our satellites have also helped great polar expeditions through their respective headquarters.

  • On the ice again

    Published on 01.03.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Due to a bad weather forecast, Alain and Dixie decided to fly to the departure zone this morning. Russian specialists have forecasted a heavy snowstorm above Arctichewski from March 2nd to March 5th. This will mean not only a lot of snow, but poor visibility (1 to 4 metres) and winds from the southwest at 8 to 15 knots.

  • February 2007, through the 85th degree

    Published on 28.02.2007 - Tara Arctic

    On Saturday February 3, Tara is through the 85th degree. This is a mythical mark since very few boats have actually passed this limit. Only ice-breakers, submarines, Nansen's renowned Fram and now the schooner Tara have ventured so far along the pack ice!

  • The Arctic Arc: They get closer and closer…

    Published on 28.02.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Perhaps it's because The Arctic Arc expedition's main sponsor is the best Swiss clock jeweler that, ever since the departure from Brussels last Friday, everything has been running like clockwork.

  • The Arctic Arc: beyond certainties

    Published on 26.02.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    As we still have to wait for another few days before the Dansercoer-Hubert twosome reach Cape Arktichevski for the big departure of their expedition, let us dwell for a moment on the difficulties that await the two Belgians out there on the ice. Both the difficulties which are obvious as well as those which may not be.

  • The Arctic Arc: leaving Belgium

    Published on 23.02.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Tonight at 6pm, the Arctic Arc team will leave Brussels airport (Zaventem) to fly to Copenhague. Alain and Dixie will then fly to St Peterbourg and then on to Norilsk, Stredny and finally to Cape Arktichewski, where they will arrive early next week.

  • Press conference: the Arctic Arc expedition

    Published on 13.02.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    To mark the International Polar Year, Alain Hubert and Dixie Dancercoer will attempt to cross the Arctic from Siberia to Greenland. Through a journey of 4 months and approximately 4300 Km, they will follow a route tracing the arc of a circle and passing through the nothernmost tip of Greenland. The expedition will start on the 24th of February 2007 and is expected to last until June 2007.

  • Arctic Arc: an educational project

    Published on 12.02.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    The expedition will be covered on Polar Challenges and educational activities will be proposed to classes and teachers on the EducaPoles website.

  • Relaunch of the Polar Challenges website

    Published on 12.02.2007 - General Info

    Welcome to Polar Challenges ! This website has been redesigned to be in line with the other websites run by the International Polar Foundation and to provide a closer overview of Polar expeditions. Expeditions scheduled in 2006-2007 will continue to be covered in this re-launched version of the site.

  • January 2007, drifting favourably

    Published on 31.01.2007 - Tara Arctic

    Tara continues her slow advance towards the North Pole. During the first two weeks of January, the ship finds herself to be drifting favourably. But, the blizzard is blowing and it is very cold: -35°C.

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