90 kilometres in 3 days

Published on 20.12.2009 - To the South Pole and beyond…

Still as untalkative as before in their dispatches, Cecilie Skog and Ryan Waters are making more or less good progress. And over the past week, it has been more rather than less. Despite the sastruggis.

Ryan filed a brief reminder to us all on 14th December: "Today, 98 years ago," he wrote, "Roald Amundsen and his men became the first to set foot at the South Pole." So there at least is one polar adventurer and explorer who doesn't forget to mention the legendary Amundsen's team as well. What we tend to see more usually is: "Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole."

The two took advantage of this memorable day to take a well-earned rest. Cecilie and Ryan spent time putting their sledges in good order, with a little housekeeping thrown in and even the luxury of some personal care – not forgetting their underwear to wash, of course.

It has to be said that there hasn't been much to stress about on this trip so far. They're professionals – and it shows. Between 11th and 13th December, the pair advanced 91 kilometres, which is a good thirty kilometres or so a day. So now we can understand why they wrote in their press kit: "We'll go as far as the South Pole and then a bit further, if the time allows..."

But for the time being, neither of the two is talking about continuing beyond the Pole. In any event, they passed through 87 degrees South on 18th December.

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