Fancy meeting you here !

Published on 03.01.2012 - North South Solo Expedition -Leg 2

Besides the daily datas, we have very few information about Marc Wood's progress. He seems to have milder temperatures though and better winds. He has also a fancy meeting this morning with Chistian Eide's clients on their way back from SP.

Here are his latest datas :

  • 02 January - Day 43 / Latitude: -88.114  Longitude: -82.115  / Temperature: -32°C / Windspeed: 8 mph 
  • 01 January - Day 42 / Latitude: -87.828  Longitude: -82.055  / Temperature: -25°C  / Windspeed: 6 mph 
  • 31 December - Day 41 / Latitude: -87.6488  Longitude: -82.0649 / Temperature: -15°C / Windspeed: 0 mph 
  • 30 December - Day 40 / Latitude: -87.4239  Longitude: -81.8116 / Temperature: -20°C / Windspeed: 10 mph 
  • 29 December - Day 39 / Latitude: -87.2302  Longitude: -81.8041 / Temperature: -27°C 
  • 28 December - Day 38 / Latitude: -87.021  Longitude: -81.7656  / Temperature: -15°C  / Windspeed: 6 mph

Latest Press Release from Wood's HQ : Fancy meeting you here!

Alone in Antarctica, Mark Wood has first human contact in 42 days,  3 January 2012.  After 42 days alone on the ice, Mark Wood had a surprise encounter on New Year’s day as he bumped into a group of Norwegian kite surfers making their way back from the South Pole (there were the Jubillee Expedition guided by Christian Eide). In his satellite phone blog post on Sunday, Mark said: “A weird thing happened today. I saw some tents in the horizon so I went over to them. It was a Norwegian team going from the South Pole to my position where I started, kite skiing all the way.”

Mark described how, even though these were the first people he had seen in over a month, he stuck to his pledge of being wholly unsupported and solo throughout his North South Solo Expedition. “Remembering I am unsupported and solo, I stood outside their tent and stuck my head through. I could see the guys playing cards, listening to music, eating cakes and biscuits. I said hello to them, and then after five minutes of chit chat I wandered off and pitched my tent about a mile away and had my spaghetti, and mended my binding. Oh well, 130 miles off the South Pole, woohoo! Happy New Year everybody."

The encounter affected Mark’s progress the next day: “Yesterday threw me a little bit. It was my first contact with the human population again. It kinda took me out of the expedition.”

He remains in good spirits though, and on track to complete the first leg of his record breaking expedition in 60 days. With 113 miles left until he reaches the South Pole, Mark is expected to arrive next Wednesday 11 January.

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