For more impact for the Red Cross : Farmer changes his itinerary

Published on 18.05.2011 - Pole to Pole Run

After having succeeded the first leg of his odyssey (North Pole - Canada), Pat Farmer has decided to change the itinerary of the second part of his adventure.

To have the best chances to raise funds for the Red Cross, Pat Farmer has decided -together with his support team- to run down the East coast of the United-States instead of the West.

Here is how he sees the unfolding og the second leg of his odyssey : "...Over the last month, my team and I have been discussing the ways that we can best raise this money. And publicity is key. I need to reach the maximum number of people possible as I run - through local and national media coverage, as well as through meetings and events along the route. So we've turned our attention to the map and looked at the major population centres that we could pass through. The more we've looked, the more it seems that we can make a bigger impact if we head down the East coast of America instead of the West. Running through such iconic cities as Montreal, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Houston and Atlanta seems like too big an opportunity to miss. An East coast route would also give me the chance to run through New Orleans - a city that has been so devastated by natural disaster, whose people have directly benefited from the American Red Cross's Disaster Relief programme, which I am donating to as part of this run. ..."

"... So I want to announce a change to the Pole to Pole Run. I have decided to start the North American leg of the journey in Radisson, Northern Canada. From there I will continue through Eastern Canada, and along the East Coast of America, entering Mexico at Matamoros. I'm sorry not to be catching up with many of the people who have reached out to me already from the West Coast of these countries, but I'm sure you all understand the reasons behind this decision. ..;"

"..; The route has changed, my resolve hasn't. It's going to tough. Tougher now because our delay in leaving the North Pole has to be made up down the road. But this run has been my dream for more than half my life. And to touch the lives of so many needy people is all the motivation I need."

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