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Published on 22.12.2011 - TransAntartika 2011

The Basque Trio is helped by belgian meteorologists

The Basque Trio is helped by belgian meteorologists

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The Basque trio is kiting with the wind, thanks to Gert Coone their belgian hydro-meteorologist who keeps them informed about the atmospheric depressions that may interfere with their daily courses.

"Try to be there before Sunday at 6 pm ..."

On Thursdcay 17 December, the day 32 of the expedition, the basque trio was at 82°28' S / 19°14' E.

"If it is possible, you better try to kite down as far as possible below the degree 83. Be there before tomorrow Sunday at 6 pm TU. The more southwards you go the more chances you have to avoid a  heavy storm..."

The one who was speaking these words to the Basque Trio is Belgian Gert Coone who works for 'WorldWideWeather for Expeditions', a company founded by Mark De Keyser a belgian hydro-meteorologist with a passion for the polar regions. Mark began his career as an aviation-meterologist and worked for over ten years in operational air force units. Since 9 years, he works in the Oceanographic Meteorological Station of the Belgian coast to support marine operations on the North Sea.

Belgian hydro-meteorologits help the polar expeditions

Gert Coone (colleague of Mark De Keyser) is also a hydro-meteorologist with a heart for communication and a passion for snow and ice. About ten years ago he was active as a marathon speedskater. He started to make specialised weather reports for his semi-professional speedskatingteam, to have an advantage on the other competitors. It was the beginning of a passionate weather hobby that ended up as a profession in the Oceanographic Meteorological Station of the Belgian Coast.

He still gives information to speedskaters and to organizers of outdoor skating events about the expected growth and safety of the ice floor on lakes and rivers. Just like Marc, Gert is involved in the education of youngsters concerning climate and climate change.

His company has become famous amongst expeditioners and (polar) adventurers because, since more than ten years now, it provides weather forecasts, routages, climate information to sail races/trips, kite expeditions/trips, any adventure or entreprise in remote conditions.

This season Mark and Gert have nine polar expeditions (the ones we know of) listed on their programme ; among which several Norwegians teams who left from Messner Start (we don't follow them all), the double team Amundsen-Scott (Henri Worlsey and companions), the four NPI explorers, Mark George, Aleksander Gamme, and so on.




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