On their way to Greenland

Published on 06.07.2011 - Avannaq 2011

Avannaq 2011 crew is now on its way to Greenland. Although the sailing distance is not that big, the crossing is pretty dangerous.

  • 16 June : Strong west winds are forcing them to put in the Araan islands. They will try again tomorrow.
  • 17 June : Force 7 winds, still stranded in Inishmore.
  • 18 June : Still in Inishmore, foul weather but nothing to worry about as they are safely moored.
  • 19 June : 53°10'N / 10°01'W, Exiting Galway bay on our way to Iceland. Beautiful weather.
  • 20 June : 54°44'N / 11°03'W, Fine east winds, which is good for Iceland.
  • 21 June : 56°24'N / 11°12'W, favorable winds, they are making good progress.
  • 22 June : 57°23' N / 15°00'W, North West winds, straight against them. They had to slightly change our trajectory westwards. Fine weather, good morale.
  • 23 June : 58°31' N / 16°10' W, north winds stll. They have used the engine for a few hours. Over 300 miles left to Iceland. High spirits on board.
  • 24 June : 60°00'N / 16°53' east winds, they are tearing towards Island at 7 knots. 260 miles to go, everyone is in great form.
  • 27 June : They have landed at Vestmannaeyjar 'sous trinquette', a place covered in volcanic ashes.
  • 05 July : 63°42' N / 22°20'W Passing Reykjanes peninsula. Tomorrow they will be passing Reykjavík.


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