Sailing along the south west coast if Ireland

Published on 04.06.2011 - Avannaq 2011

Cuan Dor - Harbour of the Oaks - is one of the prettiest villages in Ireland.

Cuan Dor - Harbour of the Oaks - is one of the prettiest villages in Ireland.

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Avannaq and her crew is slowly making her way to Greenland. But she has to visit the west coast of Ireland first.

03 June 2011 : 51°48' N / 10°15' W, NW Winds, Force 6. Stopping overnight at Horse Island. Everything is OK ...

More about Horse Island : Horse Island is a picturesque private holiday island managed by a German couple. The island lies in one of the most beautiful bays (Roaring Water Bay) near Ireland's southwest coast - not far from the scenic town of Schull (County Cork) - reachable by boat in 15 minutes. Although the island is in one of the coldest regions in Europe, it offers a mild and healthy climate all year round. It is surrounded by crystal-clear water heated by the Gulf Stream.

02 June 2011 : They have arrived in Crookhaven at 1pm. Calm sea and beautiful weather. Will be taking on the West coast tomorrow ..

More about CrookhavenThe tiny hamlet of Crookhaven lies about as far down in south-west Cork as you can go without falling into the sea - tucked snugly on the sheltered side of a narrow neck of land which creates a deep inlet - the 'crooked haven' which gave the little settlement its name. 

It's the very epitome of a sleepy fishing village. Brightly-coloured boats bob at anchor; pastel-coloured cottages slumber in the sunshine along the sloping street. 

A pub spills tables and chairs out on to the quayside among the drying fishing nets, a small shop sells groceries and postcards as well as shrimping nets, buckets and spades. 

It looks as though nothing ever has or ever could happen to disturb its peace.

01 June 2011 : 51°33' N / 09°07' W, They have arrived in Glandore, the last stop before sailing the west coast. Everything is OK on board. What a scenery!

More about Glandore : Cuan Dor - Harbour of the Oaks - is one of the prettiest villages in Ireland. Its position, in the path of the Gulf Stream ensures a mild climate all year round, consequently its flora is diverse and of great interest, as plants are found in bloom here, out of season. Because of its location, Glandore was one of the earlier settlements in West Cork. The Norman's came and built two castles in 1215. They were later taken over by the O'Donovan and have been inhabited continuously up to the present day. The very attractive Church of Ireland (built 1860) with its quaint entrance gate, through the rock is a much photographed feature.

An important event in the development of Glandore began in 1824, with the arrival of James Redmond Barry. He was a very philanthropic landlord, who developed the fishing, got the pier built as well as a boatyard in Union Hall. He established schools to teach fishing and domestic economy. He built a hotel (The Glandore Inn) in 1828 and organised the first Regatta in 1830. A school was built in 1835 as well as an Agricultural school at the model farm in Ards.

Despite his efforts, Glandore was one of the worst hit areas in West Cork, during the Great Famine, losing 45% of its population.

William Thompson, the philosopher and one of the first Socialists, is another famous name associated with Glandore.

Glandore, at present is a very popular port of call for the yachting and boating fraternity, having some excellent restaurants and hostelries.



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