“A marathon runner with a heart of gold…”

Published on 13.06.2011 - Pole to Pole Run

Almost every day, another TV story

Almost every day, another TV story

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"You are a marathon runner with a heart of gold ! ... " That's what a lady official of the city of Montreal told Pat Farmer when the adventurer visited the city... 

A brillant idea...

What a brillant idea ! To bring updates to his website' visitors and to try to keep them as close as possible of the reality of the field, Pat Farmer has decided to produce almost every day a video that tells in short what has happened on the way since the previous recording.

First, Pat chooses quite well the moments and places where he stands in front of the camera, and speak for two or three minutes about the unfolding of the day. One day, he sits completely exhausted on the sofa of his van and says with a tired voice that he is no more than a human being like everyone on earth, with a particularity nevertheless : he has maybe more moral strengh than the common lamda people. The day next, he speaks while running on the road or takes a break along the bitumen and explains something about the Red Cross.

Almost a "live" follow up !

Second, since his van follows him all the way through, he does not have to prepare anything for the shooting. He just stops somewhere and ask one of his team member to take the camera and press the play button. That's how we the followers had the possibility to see him discovering the parliament house of Ottawa and being applauded in the corridors either by the crowd of employees either by the state ministers who of course do not want to miss a friendly shakehand with the guy the TV has spoken about the day before. That's almost a live follow up...

Anyway, wether in a village along the road, inside a coffee house taking the breakfast or on the sidewalks of a city, Pat Farmer speaks all his journey long about the Red Cross and the dramatic need poor populations have around the world for water.

By the way, that's what his adventure is all about...

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