A riveting story about socks…

Published on 25.05.2008 - Greenland Northward Expedition 2008

It's a fact, of course: not all of the ongoing stories sent back by intrepid explorers manage to retain our interest. With Steger, we have taken a trip back to the time, of great explorers, behind the scenes of climate warming. Our two Finns, meanwhile, seem more interested in their stories about socks...

Since their short stay at the Dye2 base, where they met lots of tourists, Petri Makela and Petri Vuorenmaa have been gently continuing along their way.
To give you an idea of the distances covered, both with their sails and on skis (when there's no wind), here is a brief summary of their daily rates of progress.

  • 14th May: 93.5 km
  • 15th May: 15.9 km
  • 16th May: 19.7 km
  • 17th May: 53.2 km
  • 18th May: 80.6 km
  • 19th May: 110 km
  • 20th May: 109 km.

This averages to 69 km per day over a period of a week – a good amount when you consider the fact that they are on the move for around 8 to 9 hours a day.

It appears that it is during these long hours of skiing that Petri Makela (who is in charge of logging their trip and sending back daily reports) spends time thinking about the secret story of his socks – and in particular what he used to do with them when he was an adolescent! But we won't spoil this riveting story by revealing its secrets – find out for yourself on their expedition website...

The two Finns are currently on their way to the "Summit Research Base", a Danish complex located at the tip of the island. The base is staffed by approximately 25 people and their drilling into the icecap has already reached a depth of 3500 metres!

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