After fifteen days waiting, finally the flight to Antarctica

Published on 28.11.2010 - The Fuchs Foundation

Seldom polar travellers take us into the inside of the waiting of the flight between Punta and Antarctica. This time, we take the opportunity of Lisa Wood's writings (Lisa is one of the four members of the Fuchs Foundation) to publish some excerpts of the expedition's blog.

Here is how Lisa Wood (science co-ordinator at the Kaizen Primary School, Newham, London) describes the voyage between Punta and the new basecamp of the Tour Operator ALE, Union Glacier. "Today’s visit to the airport was slightly more subdued than yesterday as nobody wanted to jinx the whole operation. 'We’re not there until the wheels touch the ice' voiced Carolyn (the expedition leader) philosophically. Upon arrival however we were quickly ushered through immigration (a definite improvement from yesterday) and it was only a short while later that we were heading off to board the Illyushin. Our fingers and toes were well and truly crossed. The Illyushin is a Russian ex bomber plane with a very basic interior and we were seated alongside a pile of mattresses and a snow vehicle. In flight catering was provided courtesy of the ALE staff who stood at the front of the plane making sandwiches and in flight entertainment was minimal, with most people opting for a snooze. After a five hour flight we finally arrived at Union Glacier and a round of applause rippled through the plane as we touched down. After two weeks of waiting we have finally made it – hurray! ".

All the travellers have been welcomed by ALE staff -seven people who have been very busy setting everything up for the tourists so that they can go as soon as they get off the plane into the warm dining tent for food and hot drinks.

Other excerpts : "The rest of the day we have been working hard setting up our tents and sorting out all of our equipment and food. Tomorrow we hope to leave basecamp behind and head off in to the nearby Nimbus Hills to explore parts of Antarctica that no one has explored before. We are currently all in our sleeping bags preparing for our first night in Antarctica. It’s 11pm and the Sun is still shining. I wonder if we’ll be able to sleep…?  ..."

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