An inescapable trend - with all due respect to the climatosceptics!

Published on 06.05.2010 - Under the

We are taking advantage an article published in the website of Ghislain Bardout and his "Deep Sea Under The" expedition to draw everyone's attention to the trend of the ice of the Arctic icecap -and this, in relation to our previous article- "As they wait to be picked up, they continuer to dive..."

Extracts from the article "The 2010 Arctic Ice" by Wayne Davidson, a weather observer based in Resolute Bay. (An Arctic environment weather specialist, Wayne Davidson is an invaluable collaborator for the Bardout expedition. From his weather station, and since 1985, Wayne has been collecting all kinds of data: he analyses the size of the sun, indicator of heat for the atmosphere, sending out balloon probes, and developing new methods for understanding weather systems and for studying them...)

"Since 1998, the ice of the Arctic Ocean has got appreciably thinner, especially visually and especially gradually with every passing year. Since 1985, when I started to observe it, this ice has changed a great deal and is no longer recognizable: it is much thinner (according to the NASA and other scientific publications) and this loss of thick ice will lead to a rise of the surface temperatures, which the team "Deep Sea Under The" is partially studying at this time.

"This year, during the period of deep cold of mid-February 2010, the ice appeared to be extremely unconsolidated, already strewn with leads. Indeed, we had temperatures that were far too high for the period, which didn't help the state of the icecap. Then, it was again cold towards mid-March, at a favourable moment for the team, and that then consolidated the ice a good deal. Today, the situation is different, a lot of warm air is arriving from the south, the sun is rising higher and higher and therefore everything is changing again: they are moving on a new ice that is more fractured than eve , imposing of greater logistic problems because of the winds, the tides, the momentum of the ice and the ocean currents. Since I've been here, I had never seen temperatures like those of these last few days: it's far too warm again...

"This weather is favourable for the moment for the quality of life of the people who are on the icecap but extremely unfavourable for the ice: it will become increasingly dynamic, will move considerably and it will become increasingly difficult for them to go very far. These great temperatures rises therefore will soon force all those who have ventured on the ice to go considerably more slowly and to worry about the remaining logistical options. ..."

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