Approaching the descent

Published on 03.05.2009 - Thule to Thule

It's hard to follow these two guys because in their updates, they do not mention their positions. They do not put the dates of the trip either...

Since we do not know exactly where they are, we just publish some excerpts from their diary : "There was a good wind the first half hour, and then that was over. As DMI (The Danish Metrological Institute) in Sønderstrømfjord predicted the wind died around noon. We struggled for two hours more before we had to realize that it was in vain.

"With 371 km still to cover it is a stretch that could be done in two to three days with the right wind conditions. But the wind is not on our side. We stopped at 2 pm and spent the rest of the day filming. It is now warm enough to use gloves instead of mittens. Everything becomes easier; one could almost say that today was our first day with the Arctic spring. The sun goes down at 11 p.m. and gets up again at 5 a.m. so we do not have many days before the midnight sun will make our movement easier. Sleep well.

"The expedition is moving again. We came out fine, but the angle of the wind is not with us. We have struggled all day to keep enough to the west so we can hit "Wild Land". I have often thought about infinity, the universe and such, but I think I never get closer to infinity than we are now, no other people than us in the 1000 km radius...

We think of the old Greenland Expeditions and feel that nobody has ever understood their situation better than we do right now, infinity, cold and hard expedition life. In our quest for understanding of their hardships, we are more and more enthralled in great respect and in awe we bow down in the snow as we are amateurs compared to them. A very fundamental difference between us and them is that they put their lives at risk before the start of an expedition, they knew what ultimately could happen to them, and they were still willing, that is adventure. Sleep well. ..."

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