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From 15.03.2009 to 25.06.2009 - Status: ongoing

3 500 km across Greenland

3 500 km across Greenland

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A distance at about 3500 km will be covered by the two participants of this expedirion, Danish Erik Bruun Jørgensen and Jesper Melin Ganc-Petersen, over 3-4 months across Greenland. Only by sledge, skis and kites.

In the first place, both Erik and Jesper had thought to walk from Thule to the very south of the island and back to Thule, hence the name of the expedition. But as the things developped, the trip has changed. The tandem will now start from Kangerlussuaq (Sønderstrøm Fjord) and then walk across the inland icecap, northeast, to Vildtland and Navy Cliff. From there, they will walk down the ice to Independence Inlet. After, they walk through the inlet and further north around Greenland past Kap Bridgeman and the world's most northerly point connected to ground, Kap Morris Jesup. From Morris Jesup, they'll go towards Nyeboe Land and over Hall Land. From there, they walk to Washington Land and Inglefield Land to the most western point in Greenland, Kap Alexander, and all the way to the end of the trip in Qaanaaq (Thule). They plan to arrive in Qaanaaq around July 15, 2009. The disance of this trip is about 3 500 km.

 3 500 km across Greenland

3 500 km across Greenland

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On the way, they will look at the historical prospects which have a connection to the areas they pass through. They will write small historical notes out on their diary day by day. Afterwards in their book, they will write a lot more about the different expeditions, why they were here, how they made maps etc. Their movie will mostly build on the expeditions of Knud Rasmussen.

They will experience a lot of history as thye'ill meet quite a lot of things left behind by expedirtions such as beacons, material, instrument, etc. They will pass areas where people have had succees, disasters, rescued and lost lives, all just for being the first. Despite that, they will collect knowledge about animals, plants and about the weather. Some of it has found its real place in history and some has been forgotten. All that they will experience, by passing through the areas and arrange it in exciting and amusing ways. They will transport everything on sledges (they have 3 sledges each), where they have their food and equipment for 90 days. They will walk on skies through the whole trip, and they'll use powerkites when there is enough wind to do so.

It has to be a trip for the experiences, and not because of the fact that it is going to be hard or has to be done quickly. They are two adventurers who wants to experience, enjoy a great nature, and said by a few words, it has to be "Their Adventure". But they will try to bring it down to ground level and out to all your viewers on this homepage, in a way where they honestly tell about the experiences, mistakes, disappointments, succeeds, etc. They hope they can contribute to new thoughts, information, knowledge and a push in the right way so that you can get on your own adventures.

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