They’ve Got To Go On, Come What May

Published on 28.05.2009 - Thule to Thule

Now that the two Danes have reached sea level and are on the way to Thule, they can no longer afford to wait for the wind. The ice is melting too quickly.

In this Arctic spring of 2009, how many testimonies have there been from the various explorers / travellers in the region about the accelerated melting of the ice? Quite a number, in any case. And here's another one.

The two Danes had indeed got us used to the idea that they would not be making any progress when there was no wind. When developing their project, they had envisaged enough leeway to be able, when the time came - when there was no or insufficient wind - to remain in the tent and to wait for better conditions for their traction sails. They had reached the North-East of the large island in this way.

Now that they have got down to the ice via Independence Fjord, they can no longer afford to wait where they are when there is no wind. Because the ice is clearly melting more quickly than in the past, they are obliged to go on, come what may– i.e. to pull their sledges themselves - if not they will no longer be able to get across and to get to Thule.

Today, they reckon that they still have a few more days of headway on the ice before their journey comes to an end.

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