Heading For Independence Fjord

Published on 19.05.2009 - Thule to Thule

After 60 days of virtually uninterrupted progress, the two young Danes have started their descent towards Independence Fjord.

From cairn to cairn, the Danes have made an incredible journey. As they have chosen not to pull the sledges, but rather to rest while waiting for the wind, they have slid along for dozens of hours on end without taking the slightest rest -apart from a few pauses. The last "run" has lasted almost 45 hours non-stop.

After these efforts, here they are at the North-West of the island, and more precisely in sight of Independence Fford. As the route taken by the pair had never been used before, they have had to be extremely careful when starting the long descent towards the shore.

And there for the first time, they had of course to leave the sails where they were (in their sledges) and to start to pull their pulkas themselves. This naturally caused some minor injuries to their ankles and feet, as neither man was accustomed to exercise of this kind.

Once down to sea level, they will still have to go on for about a fortnight in order to get to Thule via the coast and via some strips of shore ice -unless they get a helicopter to pick them up.

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