Arctic season has begun

Published on 08.03.2012 - General Info

With already two teams on the ice, the new spring arctic spring season 2012 has begun. Comparing with the last antarctic season, there will be few people on the ice pack this year. 

So far we have six expeditions on air this spring 2012. 

  • Expédition Pôle Nord 2012 : a team of three frenchmen is going to stay six weeks at the NP and in its vincinity in order to try to make as many scientific measurements as they can. "The Arctic Ocean is not enough known", they say in their presentation folder, "and although this zone is one of the most important for the future of the Global Warming. So we plan to try to bring our knowledge and experience to the science, staying there like inhabitants of the North Pole...." Our follow up - Official website
  • 90° North Pole (Yasunaga Ogita) : this Japanese explorer is trying the classical trek Ward Hunt > North Pole. He is travelling solo, unsupported and unassisted. As his web site is published only in Japanese (and despite the help of the Google traductor), we can nt give full information about this voyage. Our follow-up - Official website
  • Irish North Pole 2012 : Two Irish adventurers, Mike O' Shea and Clarre O' Leary want to become the first Irtish people to travel on foot to the geographiccal North Pole. They have decided to start from Ward Hunt, north of Ellesmere Island. They will travel supported and will have supplies en route. Our follow-up - Official website
  • Indian Army at the North Pole : We have seen in the previous years that the Indian army has been quite successful with some difficult expeditions,having made four first ascents on eight thousanders and scaled seven out of nine available peaks. This time they want to reach North Pole by skis, departing from Ward Hunt. Our follow-up - Official website
  • North South Solo Expedition (Marc Wood) : We still do not know if british explorer Marc Wood is going to continue in his world first SP>NP, consecutively. We have learned lately that, due to the new circumstances and enormous costs of an hypothetic rescue pick up way North, he was uncertain to leave. Our follow-up - Official website
  • North Pole 2012 : two Norwegians, Mads Agerup and Rune Midgaard, plan to do the classical trek Ward Hunt > North Pole in less than 30 days. They'll travel unsupported and unassisted. Our follow-up - Official website
  • North Pole Expedition, six ordinary men... : an original theme for this original expedition, "Ordinary men doing extraordinary things". Nigel Warwick and Brian Amos are aiming to organize a trek to the North Pole with that theme. They just want to raise funds for the children’s medical research charity, Sparks. Their target is £ 250k. Our follow-up - Official website
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