Sastrugis everywhere, oddly glossy snow

Published on 12.01.2012 - Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

The Thiel Mountains are now behind solo Felicity Aston. But her voyage is not over yet. Every day, she has to face new sastrugis fields and other obstacles as well such as too hard or too soft snows.

Everything is sore from toes to brain...

Every morning, she has more and more difficulties to get up and to go on with the voyage.

At this stage of her expedition, after such a long distance made from the bottom of Leverett glacier, every move she does on the ice or even in the tent brings her sufferings ; from toes to brain, everything is sore in the morning. "Even my thoughts ache" she tweeted on 12 January. Aston confessed the other day to an Associated Press contributor that the only place where she does not feel the cold is her sleeping bag.

And, on top of that, she sometimes go wild listening the voices asking her 'But what do you do in such an environment ?", "Don't yout think you should feel better at home in a cosy room in front of an open fire ?"...

The ultimate answer

Of course she would. And she misses hot showers and bread with melting butter too. And she does not appreciate too much either the look of her body which looks so thin with the treatment received since her departure.

But Aston fortunately has always an ultimate answer : if she succeeds doing this voyage, she will become the first woman ever to cross the entire white continent from one shore to antoher.

You can't beat that. Even if the monotony of the landscape turns you mad sometimes and can play tricks. This white landscape is devoid of trees, rocks or any sign of life. "A couple of times, I could have sworn I saw birds. But I know there is no way there are any birds up here. It's just the brain kind of filling in the gaps for me," she said to Associated Press. "As soon as you look, there's nothing there."

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