Avannaq 2011 landed in Reykjavik

Published on 13.07.2011 - Avannaq 2011

Heimaey harbour, Vestman Island.

Heimaey harbour, Vestman Island.

© PIerre Auzias/Avannaq

After an eight days long stay in Heimæy harbour, Vestmans Islands in Iceland South West, the Yacht "Avannaq" landed to Reykjavik the 6th of July.

In Reykjavik "Avannaq" new mainsail had already to be repaired by the crew as it is impossible there, to find a sail-maker as even a ships handler in Reykjavik. Fortunately all is possible with time  and a few intuition.

As a crack appeared all around the chair plate of back-stays on the deck, the strengthened of this main beam had been repaired beautifully by Reykjavik shipyard as good at they are proud to have such a decorative piece of stainless into the crew' s cabin. A very nice mind for later, indeed!

This structure weakness had been hardly stressed (as for the skipper) during the storm from the 25th & 26th of June before the landing to Vestmannæyjar.

Pïerre Auzias, 12 July : " This delay gave us hope to expect a new and better ice report form Narssassuaq Ice-patrol concerning the East Greenland coast where the town of Tassilaq (Ammassaliq) seems still to day inaccessible behind a 60 miles large belt of a too thick ice field."

Pierre will probably choose these coming days to study the possibility to joint directly Greenland West coast by sailing very South around Cap Farvel.

Waiting for the departure, they enjoy the town of Reykjavik by visiting the new built (2004) Vikin Maritime Museum and other places as the Kjarval Museum, a pioneer for Island art's history, and at least to try to find the right wool sweater for every body to be able to trick at the helm as long as possible.

Pierre Auzias : "Thanks to the very good "second" Jacques Poumet who left us the 6th of July to fly back home to Lyon and welcome on board now to Christophe Revol who joined us the 8th of July to the end of this journey with stop to Uummannaq."

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