Bosch : why I am doing all this…

Published on 04.01.2012 - South Pole 1911-2011, Two Men One Goal

Time change. Some years ago, we never would find any expeditioner who could answer to the question : why do they all go for these extreme travels? Today, we have some answers.

These days, some of the expeditioners are willing to try an answer or to be sure to give the right one.

Fairbank did it, Gamme also, Copeland too. And we have already quote a Norwegian philosopher, Arne Naess (an alpinist himself), who said on the way back from an expedition on the mount Everest in 1985 : "For those who understand why we do all these adventures, no explanation is needed. For the ones who do not understand, no explanation will ever be sufficient enough..."

Today it's Bosch's turn to be in the hot seat.

"If I had to put in a phrase the whys", he said, "I would say that I consider the big adventure as a philosopny of life, a way to experiment most intensively the living world around us. I like to divide this concept into four parts :

  • The challenge : to discover his inner and outer limits, mentaly as well as physically.
  • The living world : it's a way to discover the world as an actor and not as a spectator.The ones who make the last degree discover the antarctic as spectators. The ones who travel more than thousand kil on the ice, are discovering the 6th Continent as actors. Because they take time and spend efforts to better measure its immensity.
  • I also use these experience as inner travels, ways of reaching the meditation, having better self respect and going beyond his ego.
  • I use this experience to learn to get to know myself better, to increase my knowledge about the difference between the real human behaviour and its expression."

Suffering mentaly and physically, being far from the loved ones, talking to solitude every day, holding dialogues with the daily risks, living with constant fears: Bosch is certain that all the sorenesses he just experienced these last weeks on the ice will help him to have a better living in the years to come.




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