Clyde River: the whole team back together

Published on 14.04.2009 - Baffin Babes

Norwegian Ingeboerg Tollefsen has rejoined her friends, who have just reached Clyde River and so have completed the first segment of their trip.

On 5th April, Emma Simonsson told us for the first time about some of the dreams the girls have at night. Nothing very exciting, of course, because in this type of situation, their dreams tend to reflect minor day-to-day problems or thoughts. For a start, Emma Simonsson and Kristin Folsland Olsen have had sore feet or heels since the beginning of their trek. So Emma dreams that she takes a rifle and blows her feet off, making them disappear instantly... While her friend Kristin has had a dream about remodelling her little feet with a cheese knife. Then there's Vera (who complains the least); she dreams of stuffing herself with all sorts of cheeses at night...

But apart from that, the three women arrived safe and sound at Clyde River on 6th April, where they were welcomed by the local people and especially the children. Al, who rejoices in the local nickname of the "Pie-Man" and is probably the town's only cop, came to meet them bearing an excellent strawberry tart, telling the girls that he had found accommodation for them while they are in town.

The fourth Baffin Babe, Ingebjoerg Tollefsen, joined the other three last Friday on her arrival from Oslo, although of course there are no direct flights from Svalbard (Spitzbergen) to Clyde River. During her month in Svalbard, Ingebjoerg learnt how to drive a dog sled, as well as teaching at the local school and going on beautiful excursions outside Longyearbyen with a group of friends.

When they leave Clyde River, the four Baffin Babes will have another 50 days of skiing and adventures ahead of them.

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