Felicity Aston : Thiel Mountains Reached (on her way back)

Published on 09.01.2012 - Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

Felicity Aston has reached the Thiel Mountains where ALE logistics had dropped for her a food and fuel depot few weeks ago. She is half way home and has no more than 17 days to go before the last flight (of this season) out of Antarctica takes place.

And yet she has about 600 kil to go. But Aston is taking the things with philosophy. On 9 January not being stressed about the remaining days before the closing of Union Glacier ALE base camp, she takes an afternoon off to sort her resupply and give the tent, sledges and kit a needed clean.

That same day, Felicity Aston has got a shock, seeing her boy shape having completely changed because a drastic lost of weight.

Here are some excerpts of her Twitter.

09 January : The mountains have already gone from view and I once again have a completely empty 360 horizon. All day my head has been full of calculations about the milage needed to reach the coast before the end of season deadline. My toes have gone numb, but not from cold. I think it is just the repeated impact and constant wear of the skiing. Weird sensation. ... Arrived at Thiels yesterday, my 2nd and last resupply. Nothing here but a bag of food in the snow with my name on it.

06 January : Great milage today but paying for it now; knees are throbbing, cramp in thigh and it hurts to stretch my legs out. The lower altitude and warmer weather is bringing my ailing kit back to life; stoves, watch, lighters, zips. From my tent door I have a perfect view of the Thiel Mountains stretched out along the horizon.

05 January : Completely silent morning, which means no wind, and the sun is warming the tent - it's going to be a good day. I CAN see mountains on the horizon! The first bit of geography I've seen since leaving the coast over a month ago. Making lots of small but stupid mistakes, being clumbsy etc. Sure sign that I am getting generally tired. You wouldn't think the humble earphone could cause any harm but I have painful sores in my ears from rubbing.

04 January : One of those days that makes you thank your lucky stars to be in Antarctica. Everything was sparkling. This is now my longest ever ski expedition - and I still have at least 3 weeks to go. Magical day. Just me, Antarctica and Beth Orton ... and briefly 6 kiters who passed me on their way from the Pole! (There was for sure the Christian Eide's group).

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