Helen Skelton needs a strategy to reach the Pole !

Published on 02.01.2012 - Helen’s Polar Challenge (Ski, Kite & Bike)

Young Skelton is a bit impressed by the conditions she discovers in Antarctica

Young Skelton is a bit impressed by the conditions she discovers in Antarctica

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The young BBC TV presenter has arrived in Novolazarevskaya. Because she has never been in Antarctica before, she has to get accustomed to the harsh conditions of the 6th Continent. "My God, I'll need a strategy for reaching the Pole !" she said.

This 28 years old girl, BBC TV presenter of Blue Peter, who has probably never been in such tough conditions in all her life, seems to be quite impressed with the environment she will be obliged to face during her 500 miles trek.

He first impression (as she communicates daily with her audience) goes about the cold. "Boy! it's cold and there's lots more cold to come...". Second experience, the cross-country skiing : "My first full-day on cross-country skis (dragging a sledge full of my food, tent and supplies) turned out to be a nightùare !".

After her first steps on the ice, she had to stay tentbounded for two days because of a heavy storm. 'The big problem", she said "is that the wind drives the snow onto the tents, which are then collapsing under the weight. We keep having to dig out the tents!".

Then she tried her bike (see the photo) : "I asked the crew to take the sledges off the bikes to see if we could cycle faster. We could, but after another two miles we took the decision to take the kite out again..."

And on 31 December, as the start is getting closer, she writes that every night, she is talking to Niklas the one who is teaching her the 101 about Antarctica, and keeps asking him how they are going to make it.

Now she is waiting for DC3 flight to take to her starting point which is about 700 kil from the SP.

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