Land in sight for the Scott Team

Published on 27.11.2011 - The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

The Scott team has finally caught sight of the Transantarctica Mountains range. Great day !

Amundsen Team

The big Sir Ernest Shackleton used to call the days of white out the 'white darkness' days. Well the white darkness days have finally come to an end for the Amundsen Team duo on 25 November. No need to say that the guys were happy with the new horizon, although before that date they did not take the decision to stay in the tent when they had no visibility outside ; on the contrary, they made good progress, 12.3 Nm on 23 November and the same mileage the day after.

On 26 November, they celebrated the crossing of the degree 82 together with their PB mileage (13.2 km) with a 12 years bottle of Chivas Regal (this brand is one of their sponsors) ; these last to days the weather has also been kind to them. Glorious sunhine and no wind.

On day 24 (26 November), the distance remaining to the pole was 473 Nm, and the total distance travelled so far, 196.6 Nm.

Scott Team

On 23 November, the trio had to stay tent-bound, due to the heavy gales and the extreme blizzard conditions which continued throughout the day.

The next days, the poor conditions continue but the guys decided to move ahead. No matter the mileage. Notwithstanding these conditions, the team is starting to get into a rythm again. And finally the day has come which allows them to catch sight of the first mountains of the travel : the Britannia mountain range is now visible, approximately 50 Nm away from them.

On day 24 (26 November), the distance remaining to the pole was 558 Nm, and the total distance travelled so far, 190 Nm.

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